Monday, 28 January 2013

On your marks, get set...go!!
 #edcmooc. I sat down at 6.15am this morning to just have a quick look at the edcmooc, one hour later I'm thinking crikey I better get ready for work. Its so easy to drown in the sea of information, to feel that you have to be the first person to watch all the videos and write a literary masterpiece everytime. I'm thankful for reminding myself that this isn't a race, I want to enjoy this online experience. So with a big deep breath I focus my thoughts on what will be my strategy for this course. I've read several blog entries that give top tips of how to get through a MOOC, my favourite tip which I think is essential is to choose your social networks and stick with them. So for me that is going to be Google+, blog and the discussion forums on edcmooc.

Week 1 is about Looking to the past  , in particular at the themes of Utopia and Dystopia. I'll write more about this later once I've had a chance to watch the videos and core reading.

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