Thursday, 3 January 2013

About Me

Hi everyone,

Where does a non-blogger start when asked to introduce herself?

I've worked in IT for the past 16yrs, in various roles from helpdesk, pc support, server admin, training and for the past year and a bit as a Learning Technology Officer (someone in HR must have been in the army!). I've finally found a role that challenges me and makes the most of my creative streak. Prior to IT I had an Arts degree background so there was a time when IT was completely alien, oh how times have changed. I do love my gadgets and smart/useful software that makes life easier (e.g evernotes).

I'm particularly interested in digital storytelling, digital literacy, mobile learning amongst other areas.

With two boys 10yrs and 7yrs, husband and rescue greyhound life is pretty busy. My day seems to start at 6am and doesn't finish until close to midnight but I get what needs done without getting too grumpy. We like to travel when we can albeit round the school holidays, love exploring new places.

When I do drag myself away from my laptop I love to visit museums and historic buildings with the family. Dog walking features quite high on the list as its great to get out in the fresh Scottish air. From time to time I paint some pictures and encourage my boys to paint too.

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