Sunday, 27 January 2013

Twas the night before....

Trying to get everything else around me "organised" so I will have time tomorrow after work to start this MOOC with the best intentions. Hopefully by the end of the first week I'll know exactly what is expected of me so I can plan my study time.

I'm liking Google+ so I'll probably continue using that throughout the course to stay connected to my fellow learners. Trying to read a wide selection of blogs when I can and using ScoopIT to collate information that might be useful at a later stage.

Watched Ary's Sliderocket presentation  which summed up our pre-course EdcMOOC experience so far and how quickly people can make connections through digital technology. When we make these connections and begin to feel part of a community the world somehow feels smaller but in the best possible way.

Good luck everyone!

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