Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Isn't it funny how...

life turns out. Last year I managed to complete three Moocs; EDCMooc, Gamification and The Future of Digital Storytelling, all very good but EDCMooc did stand out as a shining example of how moocs can and should be run. There was a real sense of community from helping fellow learners get to grips with concepts, technology and collaborating with people from different cultures not to mention time zones.

Now I knew my employers were keen for me to study another post graduate course related to the field of Learning Technology so I spent quite a considerable amount of time looking at what was available for distance learning. After much deliberation and nearly missing the deadline for entries I submitted an application to the University of Edinburgh MSc in Digital Education (the creators of EDCMooc). Luckily I got offered a place and we have just started week 3 (Minds and Bodies) of the first compulsory module Introduction to Digital Environments for Learning (IDEL). Even with the Mooc experience, work experience etc its tough going juggling work, family and approx 15hrs of study each week. It's important to stay positive through something like this so that at the end there is a real feeling of being proud of what has been achieved