Monday, 21 January 2013

Tweet Tweet oh!

Of all the online accounts I've created recently for the EDCMooc course I'm finding I use Twitter the least. I'm still at the stage of thinking what's all the fuss about. Used correctly it's perhaps a useful tool as highlighted in Mark Scrimshire's Slideshare presentation but is it more than just gossip? Admittedly there is good gossip and bad gossip and my yoga training most certainly makes me steer away from the bad and the completely pointless gossip favoured by "celebrities".

An interesting article from the Guardian.
How Twitter will revolutionise academic research and teaching

In true twitter style @mumtech2012 is cooking dinner for @neverhurryamurray and running a bath for @cameronimacaroni!


  1. Hi Alison, you might like this blog post from one of our fellow course members. A great illustration of how Twitter has been useful for someone