Friday, 1 February 2013

To finish or not to finish...

...that is the question. Just read the New York Times Article that Chris Swift posted earlier (thanks Chris) The article mainly deals with the rise of Coursera and how Mooc's can make money but was interesting was the percentage of students who finish a Mooc, approximately 24,000 of us will finish this course. I will be one of those who complete this course even though I'm having to put in long hours to juggle work, family and other commitments but there is a lot of my fellow Moocers in the same situation so its a case of just getting on with it.

Unlike any other course I have ever done the pre-course activity on edcmooc has been most impressive. The collaboration via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to name but a few has created a community of like-minded life long learners who have shared their knowledge, resources and tools of their trade in the true sense of "online openness." I am grateful for the experience I have had so far. Time to study:-)

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