Monday, 11 February 2013

The heat is on....

This past week has been so hectic with juggling family stuff and producing material for an Introduction to Digital Storytelling for some nursing students. The creation of the digital artefact is in my thoughts in the shower, on the bus to work, whilst out walking the dog. So far I've got three ideas, in my head. The third idea which came to me whilst singing in the kitchen might just be achievable.

Looking at the Masters' student digital artefacts I particularly liked Candice Nolan-Grant's A Day Behind Glass and Anabel Drought's Soundtrack to the future, they really helped me to build on the ideas I have for my digital artefact.

Haven't finalised which tool I'll use but at the moment I'm thinking glogster, wevideo or sliderocket but that may change as I start to put my ideas together. Need to go do some reading for wk3.

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